Exams and Certifications

The Security Academy provides internationally recognised SECO-Institute, ISC2 and ISACA certification courses. In addition, we offer a variety of specialised courses.


SECO-Institute courses and exams

The SECO-Institute certification program consist of 7 different certification tracks, each of them aligned with individual jobs and job-specific disciplines. Each of the 7 certification tracks consists of four levels; beginning with the Foundation, followed by the Practitioner, and finally the Expert level. Upon completion of an Expert-level course, you may apply for the Certified Officer level, provided that you have the required work experience.

The SECO-Institute's Practitioner and Expert-level exams are included in the course price. Foundation exams, by contrast, are NOT included in the course price. To register for an exam go to the SECO-Institute website or click at the Register for Exam button at the course page.


SECO-Institute provides online exams or organises location-based exams through an Accredited Exam Centre. At the moment, SECO-Institute has two accredited exam centres: EXIN and Security Academy. Depending on the exam you are willing to take, you will be transferred to an EXIN or a Security Academy website where you can select the desired exam.


Upon successful completion of your practitioner or expert exam, you will be able to claim your certification title at the SECO-Institute. The course price includes a one-year title and digital badge registration. After you have received the SECO-Institute certification/diploma, you will be contacted via email with instructions on how to claim your certification title and digital badge.


ISC2 and ISACA courses and exams

ISC(CISSP, CCSP) and ISACA (CISM, CISA, CRISC) exams are not included in the course price. Students wishing to take one of these exams need to register at the website of ISC2 or at the website of ISACA.


Security Academy specialised courses

Security Academy specialised courses are courses developed by the Security Academy. Some of these courses conclude with exams. These exams are always included in the course price and no registration is necessary.




  • Foundation exams are not included in the course price
  • Practitioner and Expert exams are included in the course price
  • One-year title and digital badge registration is included in the course price
  • Register for an exam at the SECO-Institute website


  • Exams are not included in the course price
  • Register for an exam at the ISC2 or ISACA website

Security Academy courses

  • Exams are included in the course price
  • You don't need to register for the exam

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