Mobile Security

5-day Mobile Security Introduction course

Learn the basics of Mobile Security in five days

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Our five-day Mobile Security training is tailored for both policy and IT specialists. You will be introduced to potential vulnerabilities and security aspects involved in the use of mobile devices.

Our Mobile Security training will provide you with a (thorough) understanding of all aspects related to the security of mobile devices. The training reflects on current events, enabling you to translate mobile threats into business risks for your organisation and adequately respond to them.


What makes our Mobile Security training unique is that it focuses on daily threats and current practice. Thereby, you will acquire sufficient knowledge to formulate opinions and counter threats as well as detect threats in time. This training will enable you to respond proactively and detect all threats the word "mobile" might entail.


Target audience

This course is designed for students who want to dive further into all aspects of mobile security, discovering threats and available measures / options to counter these.


Required knowledge

There is no prior knowledge required to attend this course. However, affinity with IT-Security is recommended.


Exam, course material and certification

The exam is conducted by the Security Academy and consists of multiple choice questions, open questions and a case study. The course will provide you with all the knowledge you need to pass the exam. Upon successful completion of your exam, you will receive a "Mobile Security"certificate. Both the course material and the exam are in English. The course includes:


  • Security Academy course material
  • Security Academy exam, one week after the last lesson


  • Module 1 - Introduction to Mobile Devices
    • What are data carriers? (handheld, tablet, laptop, USB stick, external data carriers, etc.)
    • How does a mobile device communicate? (WiFi, Bluetooth, GPRS, 3G, 4G, roaming)
    • How does a SIM card work? What is IMEI?
    • Various operating systems: Android, IOS
  • Module 2 - Organisational Implementation of Mobile Security
    • Legislation and regulations 
    • Policies, procedures, processes and rules (data classification, information management)
    • Practical measures: deletion, destruction of hardware, security awareness
  • Module 3 - Threats and Countermeasures
    • Various threats: SMS & MMS attacks, communication network attacks, GSM network attacks, Wi-Fi based attacks, the principle of Bluetooth-based attacks, password cracking
    • Countermeasures: device hardening, cryptography, certificates, data loss, data leakage, prevention software, detection and follow-up
  • Module 4 - Malware and Countermeasures
    • What is malware? (malicious software)
    • Examples of malware (viruses, trojans, spyware)
    • Security measures in operating systems, in software (biometry), in networks
    • Web and operating system-based vulnerability management
  • Module 5 - Technical Infrastructure
    • What are the technical differences between the security of 2G, 3G en 4G?
    • How do Bluetooth, BLE and WiFi work and what are their vulnerabilities?
    • What are Rogue Access Points? A demonstration of Rogue Access Points and an MiTM attack on SSL.
    • What are WEP and WPA2? A demonstration of cracking WEP security
    • What happens when rooting Android and what are the risks?
    • What happens when jail-breaking iOS and what are the risks?
    • How do I remove my data from an Android or an iOS device?
    • How do I recover my data from an Android or an iOS backup?
    • Which files are interesting and how do I read them?
  • Module 6 - Manipulation of Operating Systems
    • What is the Android application architecture?
    • How can I take an Android application apart? (demo)
    • How do I change an Android application? (demo)
    • What is the iOS application architecture?
    • How can I manipulate an iOS application in 'runtime'? (demo)
    • What are the greatest application risks?
    • How do you protect yourself against attacks on a mobile platform?
  • Features

    • 5-day course including exam
    • Security Academy course material will be provided through the Security Academy's Student Portal where you will find the course slides and plenty of additional courseware


    • Study load
      Contact hours: 35 hours (five days of 8 hours minus breaks)
      Self-study: 17 hours spread over the entire course
    • You will receive a voucher entitling you or a colleague to a 10% discount on all subsequent courses


    Course information

    £2595 VAT excluded

    5 course days

    6 Modules

    Registration is no longer possible

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