E-Learning Security & Privacy Awareness

The Security Awareness solution for your employees


Together with the Association for Practice Exams / ECDL Netherlands, known for the European Computer Driving Licence, we have developed a new E-Learning Security & Privacy Awareness program. 


With E-Learning Security & Privacy your employees can, regardless of their location and in their own time, gain knowledge and awareness of the basic principles of information security and privacy. Topics covered in our E-Learning are, among others, dealing with social media, security in and around the workplace, privacy and reporting incidents. The E-Learning is fully customisable to organisation-specific needs. 

The goal of E-Learning Security & Privacy is to make students aware of what kind of information they work with and help them realise how to process this information safe. The E-Learning program encourages students to think about risks and apply risk management knowledge in work and private situations. 


Easily Customised

Our E-Learning can easily be customised. You may add a corporate identity, or match pictures and customised videos with specific policy questions. An internal hotline is also present for data leaks, internal arrangements and procedures.

The E-Learning can be installed on your own intranet environment or LMS. Delivery is carried out in HTML and SCORM (= standard e-learning interface) format. Exams appear on the ECDL and Security Academy portals but can, if so desired, be hosted internally in large organisations.


Target audience

The E-Learning is meant for all employees in the organisation who must be aware of the everyday risks related to handling information and sensitive data.


Rerquired knowledge

No prior knowledge is required to attend this course.

A process-oriented introduction and communication with the participants is of great importance. Therefore, it is recommended to embed the E-Learning program in the initial training of new employees. 


Exam, course material and certification

The E-Learning is based on building knowledge and testing this knowledge with practical exercises. Upon completion of the E-Learning program, you will be prepared to take the official international ECDL examination, after which you will receive an internationally recognised Security Awaress diploma.

ECDL Netherlands is part of the Dutch Association for Examinations and works with the support of Ngi-NGN, an independent IT trade association. E-Learning Security & Privacy is the sequel to the European Computer Driving Licence.


Click here for a short demo of the E-Learning Security & Privacy Awareness


  • Self-study: 30 minutes
  • The course material includes access to the online e-learning environment of the Security Academy.
  • The course material can be tailor-made

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