Ethical Hacking Practitioner

5-day Ethical Hacking Practitioner course

The Ethical Hacking Practitioner course is the second level in the SECO-institute's S-CEHL certifcation track.


Our Ethical Hacking Practitioner course is a continuation of the Ethical Hacking Foundation course. This course is a must for those who want to immerse themselves in the art of Ethical Hacking.

This training will allow you to bring your Ethical Hacking skills to intermediate level. You will start with such techniques as analysing network traffic before moving on to hacking wireless networks, scanning networks, penetrating computer systems and websites. The question is not “what tool to use”, but rather “how can I manipulate the application to make it do something that it wasn’t designed to do”. The course is very practical because you can only learn Ethical Hacking by doing it.


Download our Ethical Hacking track brochure to gain a complete overwiew of this course, our trainers and other hacking courses!


Target audience

This course is ideal for individuals who have to deal with cyber crime in their daily work and need to test business systems to protect them against possible vulnerabilities and leaks, such as:

  • Network and system administrators
  • Ethical hackers
  • Security auditors
  • Security officers

Required knowledge

Basic knowledge of ethical hacking is required. We recommend the Ethical Hacking Foundation course program or equivalent prior to this course program.


Exam, course material and certification

The SECO-Institute exam is conducted by the Security Academy and consists of multiple choice questions, open questions and case studies. The course will provide you with all the knowledge you need to pass the exam. Upon successful completion of your exam, you will receive an "Ethical Hacking Practitioner" certificate from SECO-Institute and you will be able to register for your S-EHP title and digital badge. Both the course material and the exam are in English. The course includes:


  • SECO-Institute official course material
    SECO-Institute exam one week after the last lesson
  • One-year SECO-Institute title and digital badge registration (more information here)

Ethical Hacking Practitioner level 

This course is the second level of the Certified Ethical Hacking Leader certification track of the SECO-Institute's Cyber Security & Governance Certification Program. Successful completion of an Ethical Hacking Practitioner course will provide you with the necessary knowledge to be able to continue with the Ethical Hacking Expert course that is currently under development. More information on this certification program can be found on the SECO-institute website.


  • 5-day course including exam
  • Course is available as Classroom or Virtual Classroom training
  • Official SECO-Institute course material will be provided through the Security Academy's Student Portal where you will find the course slides and plenty of additional courseware
  • Study load:
    Contact hours: 35 hours (five days, minus breaks)
    Self-study: 17 hours spread over the entire course
  • Part of the SECO-Institute's Ethical Hacking certification track
  • You will receive a voucher which entitles you or a colleague to a 10% discount on all subsequent courses

Course information


  • Good hands-on training focused on practice.Anonymous

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