Privacy & Data Protection Foundation course

2-day introduction to Privacy & Data protection

The Privacy & Data Protection Foundation course is the first level in the SECO-institute's S-CDPO certifcation track.

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Every organisation must comply with Data Privacy and Data Protection regulations. Organisations need to become more diligent in enforcing compliance to safeguard Personally Identifiable Information (PII) as the penalties for data loss are more severe. This course provides an overview of the rights and obligations of your organisation and of those you have collected personal information from, allowing you to make appropriate decisions on how to deal with PII and other data.

In this course, we cut through the legal jargon to focus on the core principles of data privacy and protection as well as the impact these might have on your organisation. Completing this course will give you a good overview of your responsibilities regarding data protection.


Target audience

The Privacy & Data Protection Foundation is intended for everyone who collects, edits, processes or manages personal information for his/her work, or who needs to be aware of their legal responsibilities surrounding the use of PII. This might include call-centre employees, employees in help desk or administrative departments, accountants and financial professionals.


Required knowledge

There is no prior knowledge required to attend this course.


Exam, course material and Certification

The SECO-Institute exam is conducted by EXIN and consists of multiple choice questions. The exam will be available in September 2016. This course will provide you with all the knowledge you need to pass the exam. Upon successful completion of your exam, you will receive a "Data Protection Foundation" certificate from EXIN. Both the course material and the exam are in English. The exam is not included in this course. You can register for the exam via this link.



This course is the first level of the Certified Data Protection Officer certification track of the SECO-Institute's Cyber Security & Governance Certification Program. Successful completion of a Data Protection Foundation course will provide you with the necessary knowledge to be able to continue with the Data Protection Practitioner course. More information on this certification program can be found on the SECO-institute website.


This course is also available online

SECO-Institute offers this course online through their virtual classroom environment. For the virtual classroom, click here to see available dates. For our classroom course, see the available dates below.


Just as in a real-world classroom, a student in a virtual classroom participates in synchronous instruction, which means that teacher and students are logged into the virtual learning environment at the same time. The advantage of a virtual classroom is that students from all over the world can participate without travel expenses.


  • Module 1 - Fundamentals Privacy
    • Privacy
    • General Data Protection Regulation
    • Definitions
    • Lawfulness of Processing
    • Data Leakage
    • Privacy Guidance Programs
  • Module 2 - Privacy in Practice
    • Policy Rules
    • Social Media and Marketing
    • Privacy Impact Assessment
  • Module 3 - Organising Privacy
    • Task, Role and Responsibility
    • Processing Agreement
    • Data Processing
  • Features

    • 2-day introductory course 
    • Course is available as Classroom or Virtual Classroom training
    • Official SECO-Institute course material provided through the Security Academy's Student Portal where you will find the course slides and plenty of additional courseware
    • Study load: 
      Contact hours: 14 hours (two days, minus breaks) 
      Self-study: 7 hours spread over the entire course 
    • Part of the SECO-Institute's Data Protection certification track
    • EXIN examination (not included)


    Course information

    £1160 VAT excluded

    2 course days

    3 Modules

    Registration is no longer possible


    • Data Protection Foundation offers a great deal of information relating to practice which makes it come alive and that is very good.Anonymous
    • Excellent training, clear in its design, well organised and has a fine personal touchAnonymous

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