Become a Security Academy Trainer

Becoming an Accredited Trainer implies conformity with the highest international standards of training delivery. The Security Academy Trainer Program is designed for individuals who wish to become entitled to deliver Security Academy certification courses.

Accredited Security Academy Trainer

Trainers need to be certified to be able to teach our courses. In order to provide individuals with the status of a Certified Trainer, Security Academy will assess whether the trainer is sufficiently qualified to deliver our courses.

To apply to become an Accredited Security Academy Trainer, you need to:

  • Submit the completed and signed Application Form and Agreement.
  • Pass the Security Academy General Trainer program.
  • Be certified in the program you intend to teach.
  • Pass the specific Train the Trainer program for the course you want to teach.
  • Be certified as at least an Associate Trainer by the IBCT.
  • Follow a VC trainer program for the Virtual Classroom

Security Academy General Trainer Program

The general trainer program will prepare the potential trainer for the Security Academy's general teaching requirements. In this training, the potential trainer will learn:

  • How to prepare for a course  
  • The Security Academy's good standard of practice
  • To manage the Online Student Portal
  • To manage the Virtual Classroom environment
  • Evaluation criteria

Security Academy Train the Trainer Program

For each individual Security Academy course you intend to teach, you will have to pass a Train the Trainer Program. This program is designed to teach the trainer all the ins and outs of a specific program. A Train the Trainer Program consists of:

  • A Train the Trainer manual 
  • A video-based training 

IBCT Associate Trainer

To assure that our trainers possess the necessary communication and teaching skills, they have to be certified by the IBCT as at least an Associate Trainer or equivalent.

Check Instructor Status

Check the certification status of any Security Academy Certified Trainer worldwide by sending an email to info@Security Send us the trainer's full name and we will reply within 48 hours.

Apply to become a Security Academy Accredited Trainer

Please complete the form below to apply for Security Academy trainer accreditation. 

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