About Security Academy

The Security Academy is the world’s leading institute for highly qualified Security & Continuity trainings. We offer courses for professionals (from beginner to senior level) in:

  • Information Security
  • IT-Security
  • Data Protection
  • Ethical Hacking
  • Secure Software
  • Business Continuity

Security Academy was founded in 2007 in the Netherlands and is now also present in Belgium and the United Kingdom. Security Academy offers tertiary-level courses for (future) security & business continuity specialists who want to learn more than theory. Security Academy trains talented and motivated students to become professional security & business continuity experts who can bridge the gap between management and operations. Security Academy is the developer of the Framework Secure Software and the Information Security Management Framework together with SECO-Institute.

Security Academy and EXIN signed a strategic partnership in 2014 to develop an internationally recognised Cyber Security & Governance certification program, based on the European e-Competence Framework (e-CF). In this partnership, Security Academy fulfills the role of educator and EXIN fulfills the role of independent examinator. In 2016, the Security Academy decided to focus on educational activities and transferred the complete courseware development process to the SECO-Institute.




Security Academy Foundation and Practitioner courses are accreditated by EXIN



Post-Graduate Expert-level courses are accredited by the Centre of Post-Graduate Education in the Netherlands


The Security Academy is accredited by the SECO-Institute as a Training and Exam Centre.




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